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Recoup Technologies inc.

Innovative Thinking for a Healthier Planet

Recoup Technologies, Inc (a Titan Environmental Solutions company) is part of the wave of change that is sweeping the globe. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.  Our innovative waste management solutions are designed to efficiently and responsibly dispose of all types of waste, while reducing your carbon footprint and promoting a circular economy. We believe that every waste disposal can be an opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment. Choose Recoup Technologies and join us in our mission for a sustainable future.


Lasting change requires action

Fighting Climate Change Should Make
Business and Economic Sense

Recoup Technologies, Inc provides a cost-effective path to ecological sustainability for private and public organizations. We have combined the power of natural science and cutting-edge technologies to solve complex real-world challenges that threaten our environment, biodiversity, and energy resources.

Who We Serve

Together, We Can Make Real Progress


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Recoup’s environmental impact

Tangible Ecological ROI & Environmental Change


Waste Diverted (tons)

Digesters Sold
How We Do It

Our Solutions

Food Digesters

Our digesters process food waste at the source to effectively help companies understand what they waste in order to prevent it, reduce waste hauling costs, carbon emissions, and harmful methane that contribute to climate change.
wasted food after a meal
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Cloud-based Analytics

Our patented analytics and cloud-based application empower customers to measure, analyze, and curb their food waste at the source.
Why it matters

Consumers Care

We believe fighting climate change shouldn’t be a buzzword to attract eco-conscious customers. ‘Green Washing’ is deceitful and the modern consumer is well aware. They are making purchasing decisions based on brands that align with their values. They research, consider the birth of the product to all levels of the supply chain, and the sustainable business practices that support them. Governments will introduce more green laws that require organizations to be transparent about their business practices.

Refer to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website for more information about your state’s legislation. 

of consumers feel businesses are failing to address today’s environmental or social challenges

of consumers are willing to change purchasing habits to reduce their negative environmental impact


of consumers consider sustainable business practices to be important when evaluating a brand’s product

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